Advancement Services's IT Team manages the support of hardware (equipment) and software (in additional to CADENCE).

-Service requests (fixes, imports, access isses) are entered as HelpDesk tickets.

-New development is coordinated through data governance and iterations planned through bi-monthly PBIs.

-See a list of team members (and their photos).


Need Help?

- Fill out the Form (This same form is available inside Cadence under the tab 'Training & Support')

- Need a person? Try Chasity Wint: 864-656-9979, 

- CCIT HelpDesk: 864-656-3494 for issues with your Clemson password.

Onboarding New Employees/Auxiliary Users:

To info IT Team that a new new employee is coming, select 'Onboarding' on the HELPDesk Form: 

CADENCE Onboarding (for THE New employees)



Cadence Intro Training (video)
Solicit Code and Anonymity Policy, Procedures
Search process documents in the CADENCE Documentation Library
Search for your team's Data Steward



Search reports in CADENCE
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