Roles And Responsibilities:

  • Acts as Strategic Representative for functional area within Advancement, including CUF, and IPTAY by reading/reviewing/commenting/recommending/approving data policies and procedures, pushing Data Governance into functional areas by actively promoting improved data governance practices, making decisions at a strategic level, advising the Data Governance Executives in applying data governance to Risk Management, Compliance, Business Unit-specific governance interests.
  • The Data Governance Council Member takes advisement from the Data Steward but ensures that the recommendation is strategically sound. This person should communicate recommendations of the Data Steward to the DGC and/or DGC Executives. (There is an expectation commitment of 8 hours per month from attending meetings, reading minutes, reading documentation, etc.)

Data Governance Council MEMBERS

Name Functional Area Phone Number Email
Larissa Kelly Advancement Services 864-656-5722
Noemi Wee Advancement Services 864-656-2552
Tenneil James Advancement Servics 864-650-4359
Dana Morgan Alumni Relations 864-656-1240
Ann Smith Annual Giving 864-656-5895
April Purvis CUF Gift Management 864-656-5897
Joni Jordan Central Donor Relations 864-656-9942
Bethany Grogan University Development Team 864-656-0321
Lauren Gaulin IPTAY Major Gifts 864-656-2608
Wesley Cribb IPTAY Gift Management 864-656-0314
Jacqueline Summer Marketing, Communications & Events 864-656-2293
Kelly Woods Special Events 864-656-8999
Jennifer Kehoe Prospect Management 864-656-4332

Meetings and Documents

The Data Governance Council uses Sharepoint to review, edit, and store documentation related to their initiatives.


DGC Policies

1. CADENCE Committee Policy

2. Mass Communication Policy

3. Solicitation and Confidentiality CODES Policy

3.A Solicitation and Confidentiality codes PROCEDURE

4. Auxiliary Users Data Access Policy

5. Auxiliary Users Data Access Procedure

6. Event Policy