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It’s always good to have a back up. Periodically everyone needs a reminder of its importance. If your computer’s hard drive were to completely crash, would you have everything of importance backed up?


NOTE: This only pertains to the data on your C: drive... if it's on H: or U: then it is already protected and can be
accessed from any computer you log onto on campus.


1. Always keep more than one copy of any critical files from your harddrive saved in another location.

2. You can save data to your U: drive. It is recommended that you save a copy of all important current data there.
    Remove older out of date data regularly. 

What data needs to be backed up?
    a) Documents 

    b) Desktop 

    c) Internet Bookmarks


Backups should be made once every three  months— more frequently depending on what projects you may be working on. If you need assistance making a backup, please submit a DARHelpDesk ticket HERE.