The Advancement Division has a centralized approach for purchasing/replacing primary computers (and basic accessories like mouse, keyboard, cables) for staff.

  • The funding will come from the CUF Budget rather than from individual department budgets.
  • The purchase of any non-standard equipment (e. g. wireless mouse and keyboard) will require approval by the respective area management, and the cost will be absorbed by the department.
  • This does not include additional/secondary computer equipment such as iPads.
  • Exceptions need supervisor’s approval and the department paying for any additional costs. 
  • Employees will be provided information regarding the replacement cycle for their computers and be notified one month in advance (excluding August) prior to of the replacement date 
  • Orders will occur quarterly throughout the fiscal year: August 1st, November 1st, February 1st, and May 1st


>>> Learn more about Proper Equipment Handling



Computers (Campus Computer Store): Dell Precision 55xx series, Apple MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface Studio

Precision Accessories: Dell Thunderbolt Dock; Logitech Mouse & Keyboard Combo MK270 (Staples)

MacBook Accessories: Apple Magic Mouse (Apple Site) OR Logitech M350 Pebble Mouse (Staples)

        Keyboards: Apple Magic Keyboard (Apple Site) OR  Logitech K380 For Mac Multi-Device (Staples)

Surface Accessories: Surface Dock; Surface Pen, Pen Replacement Tips; Logitech Mouse & Keyboard Combo MK270 (Staples)

Monitors: Dual standard or UltraWide display

Miscellaneous (not standard): Items such as webcams, headsets, and adapters can be purchased, but costs must be asborbed by the requesting department.


Replacement WORKFLOW


  • Standard equipment replacement includes laptop, mouse, keyboard, monitor, and docking station. Additional/specialty equipment needs to be requested through the DARHelpDesk.


  • Replacement of your primary machine occurs every four (4) years on a quarterly basis.
  • The IT support team will notify users of next steps as their replacement date approaches.
  • List of users due for replacement (grouped by supervisor)


  • Setup will be completed at your workstation if it is on campus (Tiger Park, 110 Daniel, Alumni, etc.)
  • For those working remotely, you will need to meet at 110 Daniel if you would like assistance with the replacement.
  • For offices at CUICAR, coordinate with Chris Meyers (
  • IT Team does not provide support/equipment set up at home offices



Learn more about how to request new/additional equipment (including approved accessories)