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'Data Integrity' includes the maintenance, accuracy, timeliness, consistency, and access of data over its entire life-cycle. 


triangle image of data governance

data quality wheel image flow chart


  • All users are responsible for complete, correct, and current data. Following policies and procedures helps to ensure that the data is being transferred as intended. However, sometimes errors are found when business rules unexpectedly collide.
  • When errors like this occur (for example, when a duplicate record is created), IT Team can create a Data Integrity list of errors so that they can be monitored and manually adjusted.
  • Only the team that is managing the specific Data Integrity clean up will have access to the list of errors. You can find the current list of Data Integrity Checks you have access to in CADENCE by navigating to Administration > Data Integrity Checks or clicking here.
  • If you think you found a data integrity error, please submit an IT Help Ticket with specific examples (records IDs) and review relevant business processes. IT Team will need to review the source of the information and any global processes that touch the data.


Service Level

  • IT Team does not validate data manually entered into bulk imports
  • IT Team does not validate data from approved download processes (If HR process misspells an employee's first name, it would be wrong in CADENCE).
  • IT Team will make a recommendation on whether they can provide a systematic/global update to records, or if the  records must be updated manually.