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Procedure for Ordering New IT Equipment

As per policy, only recommended equipment will be ordered and supported by the IT Team.

The request form below is for new/additional hardware being purchased by individual departments. 

All standard laptop replacements follow a different process, read more about machines replaced through our standard warranty process. 


Requester's tasks

Before completing this form for yourself or as the authorized support for another team member, please confirm the following items:

  • Your supervisor approves the purchase.  (Note:  A copy of the request will be sent to your supervisor via email).
  • Provide your department's account string.  (Example: XXXX-23-5625-604-270-2300000) 
  • The funds are available in your team's budget.  (Click here for pricing sheet)  

IT Team's tasks

  • With complete information, equipment will be ordered within 2 business days.
  • Based on inventory and delivery challenges, we cannot set a specific estimate on fulfilment. In general, please allow 1-2 weeks for equipment. The Helpdesk will update you on shipping estimates as they have the information.
  • All equipment will be delivered to 110 Daniel (not to a remote home/work address.)
  • Notification will be provided upon the receipt of equipement.
  • Arrangements will be made for pickup and, when necessary, installation of equipment. 


  • Not all equipment is readily available.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for equipment purchase & delivery.
  • The Helpdesk will update you on shipping estimates as they come.
  • View a visual representation of the workflow followed after the request form is complete.

New Equipment Request Form