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Audio Visual Technology

Advancement has conference rooms that are equipped with A/V systems to assist with and enhance the meeting experience.

Locations of Current Conference Rooms Equipped with A/V Systems:

- Development Office: Folk Conference Room
- Alumni Center: Alumni Lobby
- Foundation Office: Tiger Park Conference Room

Advancement IT provides consultation and assistance with the installation, setup, and use of departmental AV equipment. In addition, Advancement IT will aid, if required & pending availability, during meetings where the use of A/V equipment is required.

  • If assistance is requested during a meeting, please submit a DARHelpdesk ticket.
    - It is recommended that you do so during the meeting planning stage as this will better guarantee IT availability and assistance.
  • If you would like to make changes to an existing AV equipped conference room or install AV equipment in a new location, please submit a DARHelpdesk ticket.
    - To expedite the process, include as much detail as possible AND the responsible department’s account string.

Documentation & instructions for using the various conference room’s AV equipment will be coming soon!