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Mass Communication


IT Team does not manage mass communication to the public. MarCom and the Alumni Association manage most public communication, and their request form is here: . Upon approval, MarCom/Alumni staff request specific criteria for the creation of new queries/selections.
IT Team can only assist tracking and trouble-shooting communications that originate from BBIS and Cadence.

  • For mass email/mail procedures search the Documentation Library.
  • Users have the ability to review 'Members' of a Direct Marketing Segment in CADENCE. To do so, choose Marketing and Communications> Acquisition & Segmentation> Segments to access this screen:
  • Direct Marketing Segment list
  • The results of smart queries can be processed through an export defnition to get faster results with less duplicates.
  • Review the Solicit Code & Anonymity Policy and Procedures.

Internal Email Newsletters

IT Team manages several internal email newsletters that are sent regularly.
These BBIS/Intranet lists are managed with a 'subscription' constituent attribute flag added at onboarding.
To view the subscription list recipients, use this smart query: 'Marketing and Communication – Constituent Attribute for Subscription'.
Current internal newsletters include:
  • IT Team's 5-in-5 Newsletter (IT manages this list, creates content, sends message through BBIS)
  • Prospect Research News
  • TGIF
  • DAD
  • Gift Management Newsletter
  • CUF News