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Qualtrics is web-based platform hosted by Clemson University that allows users to create surveys, collect and store data, and produce reports. Anyone can complete an online Qualtrics form to submit data.


Key Features

  • Easy to use interface, featuring a wizard to help build surveys
  • Collaboration tools to create a survey or share data
  • Mail distribution tools (invite tracking, reminder emails)
  • Statistical analysis and data visualization tools
  • Data export functions (including Excel or SPSS)
  • Survey template libraries
  • 24/7 support

Getting Started

Qualtrics is available at

Log in using your Clemson username and password to create a new account. If you used Qualtrics previously, confirm your Clemson credentials to migrate your stored data and previous surveys.


Check out our guide to getting started with Qualtrics at Clemson to help create your first survey.


Service Level

IT Team cannot retrieve former employee's survey/data. Creators/editors should 'share' their surveys when projects are created.