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BBIS - Support for the Intranet

Blackbaud Internet Solutions (BBIS) is the web content management interface linked to Blackbaud's CRM (CADENCE).
There are two 'sites' (sections) configured:
(1) My CU Connections - the public (including alumni and donors) transactional site:
(2) The Development Intranet - for CADENCE users (includes internal process documents, policies, email functions, etc.)
  • Each team within the Advancement Division can host and edit a page of content specifically for their area. Teams are responsible for the upkeep and editing of their individuals team pages (not IT).
  • Editors/Data Stewards can upload process documents and policies to be linked anywhere, including the Documentation Library.
    • TIP: Uploading files to BBIS
      On the Development Intranet landing page, 
      Click "Upload Files" found on the left side of the page under Cadence.
      Click on your Team Name and click on "Add document" at the top right of the table.
      Once a document is uploaded to BBIS, it should be referenced in the Documenation Library and/or the Business Glossary inside of Cadence.

  • IT Team is responsible for their own team pages, Self-Service documents, IT HelpDesk form, and making the BBIS application available to CADENCE users.
  • Access to BBIS begins with the hiring supervisor completing the IT Team Onboarding Form. Once the new employee signs their Confidentiality Statement, access to view and edit (when applicable) is granted. Additionally, the User must register for an account (unless they already have a BBIS account because they made a gift online) here:
For content changes to the public Clemson University site including the Staff 'Contact Us' page, send content information to Sophie Clair Page, Dev. Communications Coord. Development for Marketing at