Self-Service Station

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  1. IT Team will list the effort (and pitfalls) to integrate with CADENCE.
  2. IT Team will liaise with the requestor to:
    • See if Clemson already owns software to fulfill the need
    • Request an IT Vendor Assessment (security and data privacy assessment)
    • Register solution within 30 days of acquisition as required by CCIT
    • Liaise with the requestor to ensure a vendor contract/licensing agreement covers and concerns identified by CCIT
    • Liaise with the requestor to register the software with CCIT after purchase
    • Liaise with requestor and Data Steward to add software to Data Governance Software Inventory List
  3. IT Team may recommend an alternative product or business process for cost-saving measures, ease of use, or of if CCIT raises concerns during the Vendor Assessment.